These are a few services PR Services is able to assist you with:

Divorce/Legal Separation
Child Custody/Support
Unlawful Detainers
Small Claims
Name Changes
Expungement of Criminal Records
Wills & Trusts
Civil Matters
Corporate Maintenance
Real Property Recordings
Reliable legal documents

Reliable and accurate

We eliminate the stress that comes from guessing what paperwork you need for each case. We'll give you ease and tranquility by knowing that you will be well prepared for your legal case without missing any relevant document.

We offer you consultations, reliable and accurate legal document and form preparation services, court and governmental filing services, public record search and retrieval services among other things.

We translate any document!

We’ve served in all California courts and have been in the same office for the last 9 years, serving our clients in an efficient manner and building relationships with the community. This is a bilingual office offering services in Spanish.

Legal document


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